About the Graduate School

The KIT Graduate School Cyber Security is an offer for (prospective) doctoral researchers in the field of cyber security. Members of the Graduate School have access to 

  • a wide range of offers for scientific, technical, and interdisciplinary training,

  • regular events for personal and professional exchange,

  • tailor-made support by the school's coordinator,

  • active involvement in the school's decision-making process,

  • career advice for academia and industry.

The Graduate School serves as a platform to connect researchers at the graduate level and encourages collaboration beyond disciplinary boundaries. We firmly believe that for cyber security to be effective, a holistic understanding of an IT system is crucial. If security aspects of an IT system have to be considered on all its levels, research across disciplines needs to start at the very foundation. Interdisciplinary work and frequent exchange of ideas between researchers of different cyber security domains are essential and need to be encouraged from the ground up. 

The KIT Graduate School Cyber Security brings together the different disciplines and fields of application in cyber security research pursued in Karlsruhe. The impressive breadth of research at KIT is reflected in the school's six research fields.

Cyber security is a cross-cutting field of research. It plays an important role in different domains and applications of the KIT Center Information ˑ Systems ˑ Technologies (KCIST). As part of KCIST, the KIT Graduate School Cyber Security secures the quality of doctoral research on information technology at KIT.


Dr. Philipp Scherzer

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