CyberSec Seminar Series

The CyberSec Seminar gives doctoral researchers the opportunity to present different aspects of their own work in a casual, friendly environment. The seminar series is designed as a peer-to-peer learning experience and is targeted at a post-graduate audience.

To foster lively discussions, two speakers will each present their work in 10 to 15 minute pitches. Each talk is followed by 15 minutes of discussion.

Embedded in the monthly CyberSec Get-Together, the CyberSec Seminar Series is a cornerstone for frequent and fruitful exchange among doctoral researchers working in the field of cyber security.

If you wish to save all 2023 dates for the CyberSec Seminar Series, use this file (.ics).

Next Seminar

4 April 2023, 10:30 am, Triangel Open Space


  • TBA

Previous Seminars

March 2023

  • Dr. Daniel Shea (KIT Graduate School Cyber Security): The Distinction between Results as Obtained and Results as Presented
  • Àlex Miranda-Pascual (IT Security): Trajectory Sharing with Proven Privacy

February 2023

  • Dr. Daniel Shea (Editor, Program for Research Communication): Citation Practice in Computer Security

December 2022

  • Special Event: Ask the Professor with Prof. Platzer, Prof. Strufe, and Prof. Zitterbart

November 2022

  • Philipp Danylak (Critical Information Infrastructures): Making Sense of Certification Internalization: A Process Model for Implementing Information Security and Data Protection Certifications
  • Hauke Heseding (Telematics): Reinforcement Learning-Controlled Adaptive DDoS Mitigation

October 2022

  • Max Noppel (Intelligent System Security): Advanced Problems in Backdooring Explainable Machine Learning
  • Marcel Tiepelt (Cryptography and Security): Quantum Enumeration -- How to Find Children Hiding in Random Trees

September 2022

  • Robin Berger (Cryptography and Security): Towards Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning on Distributed Training Data
  • Simon Hanisch (IT Security): Privacy Implications of Odor

August 2022

  • Yilin Ji (Intelligent System Security): Towards Advanced Model Stealing via Active Learning

July 2022

  • Patricia Guerra Balboa (IT Security): “Challenges and Opportunities in Trajectory Data Anonymization” 

  • Qi Zhao (Intelligent System Security): “Non-Uniform Adversarially Robust Pruning”