CyberSec Distinguished Lecture Series

In cooperation with KASTEL Security Research Labs, we are organizing the CyberSec Distinguished Lecture Series. Three times a year, we invite established national and international speakers who will provide insight into cutting-edge research. The DLS is the perfect opportunity for our members to meet and engage with key-players in cyber security in person.

The topics covered in the talks will be manifold, spanning the breadth of the Graduate School's five research fields. Additionally, the Lecture Series is designed to

  • advocate for interdisciplinary research,
  • support the objective of equal opportunity and diversity, and
  • strike a balance between academic and industry perspectives.

On this basis, doctoral researchers will extend their network, widen their scientific horizon and gain an understanding of the many different career options open to them. 

The CyberSec Distinguished Lecture Series is open to students, doctoral candidates and senior researchers alike. A registration is required. Each talk will last one hour and is followed by a discussion with the participants. 

Upcoming Talks

A calendar with all talks is available here. If you want to be informed about current and future talks, subscribe to our mailing list.

Lorenzo Cavallaro Lorenzo Cavallaro
Lorenzo Cavallaro

Next Talk: Thursday, June 23rd 2022, 4:00 p.m.


Previous Talks


  • Angela Sasse
    Behavioural Science Meets Security: Why a Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing (video)