This blog is for you.

The blog's for you because it's about the communication of research in security and privacy. 

Learn how to do the communication (Write the Research) — learn how to use the communication (Read the Research). Learn how to get feedback on the communication (Roundtable the Research) — learn how to get more from the communication (Background on Text).

On this blog, security-and-privacy researchers talk to you about their ways and techniques for communicating science (Scholarly Communication). On this blog, you yourself are invited to send in your own communication issues and questions (Ask the Editor) — just send to Dan!

Blog Posts

Blog Post Series Date Link
Read Papers to Learn How to Write Papers, Part 1 Read the Research 25 May 2023 Read
Systematize the Impossible Ask the Editor 22 May 2023 Read
Reasons to Write Write the Research 11 May 2023 Read
Reading Techniques Read the Research 8 May 2023 Read
Message in Text, Part 3 Background on Text 1 May 2023 Read
Message in Text, Part 2 Background on Text 24 April 2023 Read
Message in Text, Part 1 Background on Text 17 April 2023 Read
Text is Research Read the Research 11 April 2023 Read
Talk Ideas, Not Commas Roundtable the Research 4 April 2023 Read
Interview with Cormac Herley Scholarly Communication 27 March 2023 Listen
How and Why to Roundtable Roundtable the Research 23 March 2023 Read
Interview with Elissa Redmiles Scholarly Communication 13 March 2023 Listen
Interview with Gang Wang Scholarly Communication 6 March 2023 Listen