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Members of the KIT Graduate School Cyber Security receive assistance for their scientific writing. There is tailor-made support for all stages of the paper process.

Scientific Writing


2024 - 2026

Young researchers receive tailor-made support for their academic writing in a variety of formats. Workshops, individual editing and proof-reading as well as coaching are generally possible. Depending on the stage of the paper process, members of the KIT Graduate School Cyber Security will be able to improve their scientific writing according to their needs, adressing weaknesses and playing to their strengths. Members are strongly advised to talk to their supervisors while defining the modes of support they need.

More information on proceedings, details etc. will follow soon.


2022 - 2024

Working with a textician: Dan Shea, committed to helping scientists write at their best.

Dan's background is in writing studies and linguistics. His experience in research communication stretches from economics, through biology, and now to computer science. Dan also cohosts a podcast about the communication of research. For the unique resources provided by his work, see below.



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