Training at the Graduate School

Guiding Principles

The KIT Graduate School Cyber Security provides various opportunities for technical, scientitic, and interdisciplinary training that meet the needs of our scientific environment. Our offers are specifically tailored toward doctoral researchers who have manifold responsibilities that go beyond their own research.

It is our foremost objective to ensure that our members have access to a wide range of offers that they can choose freely from.


Key Elements of the Training Program

Element Description
Appraisal Interview At the beginning of year 2 and 3, doctoral researchers will discuss work performance and research progress with senior researchers of the Graduate School. Together, they will resolve problems, agree on individual long-term goals and discuss support measures specific to the researcher's needs.
CyberSec Get-Together Once a month, the members of the Graduate School meet for a seminar and a common lunch. Three times a year, the Get-Together is concluded by the KASTEL Distinguished Lecture Series.
CyberSec Retreat Once a year, the Graduate School invites doctoral and senior researchers to a two-day retreat. The program comprises of team-building and networking events as well as of more research-oriented sessions. For the technical meetings, representatives of each Research Field present current results and discuss questions and challenges with their peers.
Research Exchange The Research Exchange is a planned six-week stay with one of the school's Principal Investigator. During this time, members of the Graduate School will receive first-hand insight into the working principles and methods of a secondary research domain. Prior to the exchange, the doctoral student defines a work package that will be worked on collaboratively.
Research Tack Team A Research Tack Team is a collaborative project between two (or more) doctoral researchers with different primary research fields. Together, they can apply for financial support and work on a small interdisciplinary research project.
Status Meeting At the end of every year, doctoral students meet with a Principal Investigator to discuss topics of their choosing.
Stay Abroad We actively encourage our researchers to realize a stay abroad during their time at the Graduate School. Travel costs can be covered by the KHYS Research Travel Grant.
Workshops KHYS provides a wide range of educational offers for doctoral researchers. Additionally, the school will organize quarterly events specifically tailored towards the interests and requirements of the cyber security community.