Research in Cyber Security

The KIT Graduate School Cyber Security provides its researchers with a holistic view of IT security, enabling them to adress the entire security life-cycle: from design over deployment to repeated analysis during execution. To achieve this goal, we promote research across disciplinary boundaries, bringing together different domains with a focus on cyber security.

For the field of cyber security, interdisciplinary research is of particular importance. Without a deep understanding of different disciplines, new developments cannot interlock across all levels of an IT system. After all, even the most bullet-proof cryptographic scheme is of little value if it is not computable in time or if it exposes information via side-channels on a hardware level.

Research at the Graduate School is grouped in the areas of hardware and software security, human and societal factors in security as well as legal aspects of security. Our members focus their work on cross-cutting topics among five research fields.


Research Fields

Research Field 1: Infrastructure Security
Hardware Security M. Tahoori
Network Security and Distributed Systems M. Zitterbart



Research Field 2: Software Security
Dependability B. Beckert
Security of Artificial Intelligence C. Wressnegger



Research Field 3: Data Security
Cryptography J. Müller-Quade
Privacy-Enhancing Technologies T. Strufe



Research Field 4: Human & Societal Factors in Security
Usable Security, Security Awareness, Visualization M. Volkamer, C. Dachsbacher
Legal and Economic Aspects of Cyber Security F. Boehm




Research Field 5: Application Domains
Energy Systems V. Hagenmeyer
Mobility  A. Albers, F. Gauterin
Production J. Beyerer
Robotics and Autonomous Systems T. Asfour