KIT Graduate School Cyber Security

The “KIT Graduate School Cyber Security" (CyberSec School) aims at bringing together the different disciplines in cyber security research pursued at KIT, as well as their fields of application. We believe that cross-disciplinary work needs to start at the very foundation by involving doctorate researchers early on.

We firmly believe that in cyber security it is crucial to have a holistic understanding of an IT system and consider security aspects on all its levels. Interdisciplinary work and frequent exchange of ideas between researcher of different cyber security domains are essential and need to be encouraged from the ground up. The CyberSec School will serve as a platform to effectively promote researchers at a graduate level and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration early on.

Cyber security is a cross-cutting field of research that influences a wide variety of domains and applications represented by the KIT Center Information ˑ Systems ˑ Technologies (KCIST). The CyberSec School is embedded in the KCIST center and thus forms a central pillar of doctoral research on information technology.


Information Event

On Thursday June 23rd, we are hosting an information event where we are introducing the school's program, our offerings, and the application process. Save the data. Details follow shortly.

Official Kick-off

Starting January 2022, the graduate school officially comes into existence. Behind the scenes, we are working on getting the CyberSchool up and running as soon as possible.