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Interview with Peng Liu

Listen to this interview of Peng Liu, Professor at the College of Information Science and Technology at Pennsylvania State University, and also Director of the Cyber Security Lab. We talk here about cold proposals to potential collaborators, we talk about reading across research foci and through time, and we talk about how to write as an author and how to write as a reader.

Peng Liu : "There's not really any one place a reader can go in a paper in order to find the critical insight. In my understanding, a reader needs to use a sort of synthesis-reasoning if he or she is going to identify the real contribution developed in the work. Because, although the authors try to communicate the contribution in a clear and predictable way — really, it's just not an easy thing to quickly locate in any given paper. So, my experience has been that, as a reader, you will find critical insights in papers by asking, — you find these insights when you ask the right questions about that research."

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