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Interview with Thorsten Holz

Listen to this interview of Thorsten Holz, Professor for computer science and faculty at CISPA, the Helmholtz Center for Information Security, in Saarbrücken, Germany. We talk about mentoring, collaboration, writing, and a little more about writing again.

Thorsten Holz : "I'm rather open about just sharing ideas with other researchers, even researchers whom I haven't yet collaborated with. I haven't really had any bad experiences this way so far. Of course, from time to time, we've gotten scooped by other works. But in these cases, on the one hand, I don't think that those other groups stole our ideas or intentionally tried to beat us to it; and on the other hand, being scooped can also be interpreted as an encouraging sign. Sure, it's depressing for a PhD student to see other authors get priority for that work. But really, since other groups have had similar ideas and wanted to achieve similar goals, this means that we are doing interesting research which should have uptake in the community."

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