Scholarly Communication No. 2

An Interview with Elissa Redmiles

Listen to this interview of Elissa Redmiles.

We talk here about reaching people with your research.

Elissa Redmiles: "And so, when I think about communicating to my own specific research community, I think about what is my call to action that I would like my fellow researchers to do. And maybe they won't do that, and they'll do something completely different. But still, I publish to let them know about a space and to let them know about the problems in that space and so perhaps better understand why I or we or other researchers think that those problems are meaningful and worth addressing. It's my hope always that this can serve as the motivation for the technical work that my readers will pick up from there and develop in their own research."

The content of the papers has not been changed, only enhanced in order to demonstrate just how that content is communicated.

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