CyberSec Seminar March 2023

14 Mar 2023, 10:30 am, Triangel Open Space

For this month's seminar, our speakers are:

  • Dr. Daniel Shea (Editor of the KIT Graduate School Cyber Security): The Distinction between Results as Obtained and Results as Presented

Abstract: Experimental results require analysis and then interpretation. Therefore, the presentation of results in papers is a delicate matter for authors to handle and an absolutely crucial matter for readers to perceive and understand. In this talk, I propose actionable techniques for readers of experimental results. Readers using my techniques will perceive more clearly just what the results of a paper are and as well, readers will understand just how these results have been presented.

Abstract: Nowadays, trajectory data holds many promises, from improvements in navigation and traffic management to urban planning and infrastructure development. Useful statistics can be extracted from these data, but this information is also particularly privacy-invasive: it can reveal our locations and time frames, as well as indirect sensitive aspects of our lives. Therefore, there is a need to protect trajectory data in order to protect users' personal information while preserving the global statistics of databases. However, the complex nature of trajectory data complicates its privatization immensely: They are highly dimensional, correlated, and easily comparable to real-world map data, leading to weak privacy algorithms in the literature.