Welcome to the KIT Graduate School Cyber Security

In virtually all areas of information technology today, cyber security is of the utmost importance. In a highly digitalized world with highly digitalized economies, protection against increasingly dangerous cyber attacks is crucial. In recent years, the news have been littered with reports on attacks on individuals, businesses, hospitals, local administrations, government institutions, and critical infrastructures. These events illustrate that demand for cutting-edge expertise in cyber security is at an all-time high.

The KIT Graduate School Cyber Security provides doctoral researchers with state-of-the-art technical, scientific, and interdisciplinary skills, enabling them to respond effectively to present and future security challenges. As a nexus in a multifaceted field, the school brings together the different security disciplines at KIT. It organizes regular networking events and serves as a platform for interdisciplinary work and the exchange of ideas among doctoral, post-doctoral, and senior researchers.


Community Congress Poster Award

Two CyberSec members, Patricia Guerra-Balboa and Àlex Miranda-Pascual, won the 2023 Community Congress Poster Award with their poster titled "Differentially Private Trajectory Data". We congratulate them on this great success! 

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CyberSec Seminar May 2023

On 9 May, our next CyberSec Seminar takes place. For our May session, we will host our next Research Roundtable. Afterwards, Achyut Hedge (Intelligent System Security) will present his research on "Manipulating Model-Agnostic Explanations."

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CyberSec Seminar April 2023

On 4 April, our next CyberSec Seminar takes place. For our April session, we will host our first Research Roundtable. Afterwards, Sophie Corallo (Modelling for Continuous Software Engineering) will talk about "Requirements, Assumptions, and Design Decisions."

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The Editing Desk - New Blog

The Editing Desk is a new blog authored by the Graduate School's Editor, Dan Shea. Every Tuesday, Dan will cover a different topic related to research communication. Check out his first blog post on Roundtabling here.

CyberSec Seminar March 2023

On 14 March, our next CyberSec Seminar takes place. For our March session, we have invited two speakers. Dan Shea (CyberSec) will discuss ways of presenting scientific results. Àlex Miranda-Pascual (IT Security) will talk about "Trajectory Sharing with Proven Privacy."

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Distinguished Lecture Online

In case you missed yesterday's Distinguished Lecture in Cyber Security, you can access the recording of Prof. Dennis Hofheinz' "Personal Perspective on Cryptography" on our YouTube channel.