CyberSec Seminar April 2023

4 April 2023, 10:30 am, Triangel Open Space

For this month's seminar, our speakers are:

Abstract: Research communication makes or breaks a project, and often projects achieving important results break because those results were poorly communicated. Therefore, researchers need to learn to collaborate on the communication prior to submission. The method to this end is called roundtabling, and in this talk roundtabling will be presented as a method of the research and then tested on the writing provided by attendees. In this way, the talk combines theory and practice in one.

  • Sophie Corallo (Modelling for Continuous Software Engineering): What Do You Assume? A Talk on Requirements, Assumptions, and Design Decisions

Abstract: Nowadays, many products and sectors base on the security of integrated software systems. However, software security relies often on assumptions and trust anchors. Thus, the fulfillment of security requirements is hard to measure. This talk proposes a new model for security assumptions and their connection to security requirements, and design decisions.